Orchids are beautiful and extremely special. Mike and Faith Young volunteered at an orchid reserve in Mexico and fell in love with them while there. One year ago (on April 16, 2014) they lost their precious daughter during labor, her name is Orchid, inspired by the magnificent beauty and unique expressions of orchid blossoms. After looking to see if there was an existing National Orchid Day it was found that there isn’t. So, how does someone create a national day? You must get the date approved by the registrar of national days and pay for services to make it official.

After launching a Kickstarter campaign on April 16, 2015 offering pre-orders of their backyard honey (The Humble Bumbles Honey)  the campaign brought in over the $1,500 goal in its first day and National Orchid Day will now forever be April 16 thanks to everyone’s support, generosity, and kindness. We did this together.  Orchids will be appreciated a little bit more and our little girl will feel the warmth of those that think of orchids that day.

If you’d like to know more about Orchid’s story please go here:


Also, check out our Humble Bumbles Honey Facebook page:


Our Kickstarter campaign:


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